Yu. P. Svirko

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The interaction of an electromagnetic wave with a noncentrosymmetric crystal is not necessarily time reversible, and the departure from reversality may be seen in nonlocal (wave-vector linear) phenomena. However, relativistic symmetry with respect to simultaneous time and space inversion is always preserved in optics. We revise the widely accepted belief(More)
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We studied a femtosecond laser shaping of silver nanoparticles embedded in soda-lime glass. Comparing experimental absorption spectra with the modeling based on Maxwell Garnett approximation modified for spheroidal inclusions, we obtained the mean aspect ratio of the re-shaped silver nanoparticles as a function of the laser fluence. We demonstrated that(More)
Thanks to its high electrical conductivity, a graphene plane presents a good shielding efficiency against GHz electromagnetic radiations. Several graphene planes separated by thin polymer spacers add their conductivities arithmetically, because each of them conserves the intrinsic properties of isolated graphene. Maximum absorption of radiations for(More)
A fast (Tau(response) <90 fs) free-electron spin-f lipping frequency-degenerate nonlinearity with a signif icant value of|chi((3))(xxyy)(omega,omega,omega,-omega)chi((3))(xxyy)(omega,omega,omega,-omega)|~10(-)(8)esu has been observed in bulk gold at 1260 nm by use of a new pump-probe polarization-sensitive technique.
We present what is to our knowledge the first experimental observation of the specular nonlinear anisotropic polarization effect of a pump-induced polarization-plane rotation for normal-incidence reflection from the (001) surface of a cubic crystal. In GaAs, azimuth rotation of the order of 9 3 10 –6 rad is seen for a pump intensity of 75 MW͞cm –2 at 750(More)
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