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We present a package for capacitive RF-MEMS switches that is based on laminate substrates and BCB-sealed glass caps. The assembly is realised using standard packaging equipment. The package is only 1.1 mm thick, gross leak tight, has high mechanical strength, and passes accelerated lifetime testing. RF insertion loss was lower than 0.6 dB below 15 GHz.(More)
This paper demonstrates improvement of image quality in a frequency-demodulation CMOS image sensor. We have already demonstrated fundamental characteristics of a frequency-demodulation function but the sensor shows relatively poor saturation characteristics due to a crosstalk effect. By introducing sweeping out residual carriers in a photogate and(More)
Many global and environmental applications require land-use and land-cover information. There are many land-cover classifications using remote-sensing images, as they are excellent classifiers. However, this requires much training data and at least the same amount of test data. In addition, there are few classification groups because it is difficult to(More)
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