Yu N Yuryev

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We have developed a high-resolution detection technique for measuring the energy and activity of alpha decay events using low-temperature detectors. A small amount of source material containing alpha-emitting radionuclides was enclosed in a 4π metal absorber. The energy of the alpha particles as well as that of the recoiled nuclides, low-energy electrons,(More)
A new laboratory x-ray spectrometer for surface-sensitive extended x-ray absorption fine structure [(S)EXAFS] and surface-sensitive x-ray absorption near-edge structure [(S)XANES] measurements is described. The spectrometer employs a 12 kV mA rotating anode generator. It has a monochromator equipped with a set of exchangeable curved crystals of Johann or(More)
A new laboratory spectrometer for X-ray Induced Electron Emission Spectroscopy (XIEES) has been developed. This spectrometer is suitable for measurements of X-ray Absorption Fine Structure (XAFS) spectrum in surface sensitive fluorescence and electron emission detection modes as well as in standard transmission mode. It is the advantage of this spectrometer(More)
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