Yu. N. Vasil'ev

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It was shown in experiments on freely moving rats that electroacupuncture (EA) depresses the emotional-behavioral response to the nociceptive stimulation of the tail. Analogous changes in the pain reaction pattern arose during electric stimulation of the central grey matter and posterior parts of the lateral hypothalamus. In the presence of antinociceptive(More)
I. I.M. Belenkaya, I. L. Zarubina, and L. V. Spitkovskaya, Arkh. Anat., No. I, 72 (1977)o 2. L.I. Berezinskaya and L. S. Baiteryakova, Vestn. Offal'tool., No. I, 11 (1963). 3. V.F. Bogoyavlenskii, Kazan. Med. Zh., No. 4, 306 (1976). 4. ]~. !. Dakiaraviohene, in: Abstracts of Proceedings of a Scientific Conference of C ardiologists of Lithuania [in Russian],(More)
5. E.I . Solntseva and V. M. Bulaev, Zh. Evol. Biokhim. Fiziol., 1_66, 425 (1980). 6. J . I . Barker, J. H. Neal, and T. G. Smith, Science, 199, 1451 (1978). 7. N.N. Osborn, Experientia, 33, 917 (1977). 8. J.M. Van Rossum, Fed. Proc., 37, 2415 (1978). 9. S.K. Sharma, Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, 72, 590 (1975). 10. J. B. Stefano and L. I-Iiripi, Life Sci.,(More)
Experiments on unrestrained rats showed that electroacupuncture of an acupuncture point distinctly reduces the nociceptive response to electrical stimulation of the base of the tail. Morphine, in a subanalgesic dose (5 mg/kg), potentiated the analgesic effect of acupuncture. Naloxone, in a dose of 5 mg/kg, completely abolished acupuncture analgesia. The(More)
Research is cur ren t ly in p rog re s s on modification of local anesthetics by mixing them with polymers , by copolymerizat ion, and by incorporat ing them into the s t ructure of water-soluble natural and synthetic polymers with the aid of different chemical bonds [2, 4, 8]. This increases the duration of the anesthetic effect and r e duces the i r(More)
Expe r imen t s on unanesthet ized cats showed that t r imepe r id ine in doses of 2-4 m g / k g and sodium hydroxybutyra te in doses of 25-50 m g / k g inhibit pos t te tanic potentiat ion of dorsa l root potent ia ls . After admin i s t r a t ion of t r imepe r id ine in doses g r e a t e r than 4 m g / k g and of sodium hydroxybutyra te in doses g r e a(More)
For more and more people a hyperbaric medium has become a condition of their occupational activity, and this has necessitated the study of functioning of the different organs and systems of the body, and of the body as a whole, under raised pressure. Activity of the CNS has been shown to change under the influence of extremal factors of a hyperbaric medium,(More)
The mechanisms of acupuncture analgesia have been intensively studied in recent years. Data now available indicate that acupuncture analgesia arises as a result of a disturbance of formation of the high-threshold afferent flow at various levels of the CNS [2-6, 9, i0], and as a result of activation of the analgesic antinociceptive structures of the brain,(More)
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