Yu.N. Gorbachev

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We consider an ALT-1,2-like [1,2] system to deliver up to 60-70 MA currents in the liner load and accelerate ∼20 g/cm cylindrical liners to ∼20 km/s (ALT-1,2: ∼31 MA, ∼13 g/cm, ∼12 km/s). The system is intended for the ALT-3 experiment to test the efficiency of magnetic implosion of impacting liners and to verify the(More)
A joint US/Russian Advanced Liner Technology experiment ALT-1 was conducted to simulate the anticipated performance of the Atlas capacitor bank. A disk-explosive magnetic generator and foil opening switch were used to produce an electrical current waveform that reached a peak value of 32.5 MA and that imploded an aluminum liner to an inner surface velocity(More)
The paper presents the results of application of the explosive magnetic pulsed power source (EMPPS), in the first experiments studying the spallation mechanisms of the solid substances damage under conditions of converging axisymmetric geometry of loading of samples by the impact of the cylindrical liner driven to a velocity of 0,2-1 km/s.
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