Yu. N. Favorskaya

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The DNA polymerase deficient mutantE. coli P3478polA1 is extremely sensitive to the lethal action of N-methyl-N′-nitro-N-nitrosoguanidine (NG) and methyl-methanesulfonate (MMS). ThepolA1 mutant has an almost unaffected mutability induced by NG or MMS and shows reduced ability to propagate MMS-treated phage T7. NG and MMS induce marked breakdown of DNA and(More)
The levamisole effect on the phagocytic capacity of macrophages and their membrane permeability was studied in A and CBA mice. It was shown that both in vivo and in vitro, levamisole treatment of peritoneal and splenic macrophages resulted in the diminution of antigen uptake and slowing down of its clearance as compared with control animals. The exposure to(More)
The intensity of antibody formation in irradiated syngeneic recipients was studied in relation to its restoration by various cell suspensions. A lymphocyte suspension free of macrophages restored the ability of the irradiated recipients to respond to sheep's red blood cells only weakly. Addition of peritoneal or splenic macrophages to the lymphocytes led to(More)
The ability of peritoneal macrophages to take up different doses of antigen (sheep's erythrocytes) and of antigens differing in physicochemical properties (sheep's erythrocytes, rat erythrocytes, and typhoid vaccine) was studied. An increase in the dose of sheep's erythrocytes injected many times over had no effect on the quantity of antigen ingested by the(More)
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