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This paper provides a novel and tractable method for extracting exact textual answers from the returned documents that are retrieved by traditional IR system in large-scale collection of texts. In our approach, WordNet and Web information are employed to improve the performance as external auxiliary resources, then some NLP technologies are used to(More)
In this paper, the insecurity problem of cryptographic protocol is proposed. To solve this problem, we give an accurate formal specifications for cryptographic protocols, and define the security properties precisely and reasonably, presenting some critical concepts and propositions in the deduction of the problem solving. The method of this paper with(More)
In this paper, protocol insecurity problem is described, and AI planning system is used to solve the problem. Based on running characteristics and laws of cryptographic protocols, a planning-based formal model for cryptographic protocol analysis is presented, after its first-order syntax, formal definition and operational semantics are given, formalization(More)
This paper investigates robust passive filtering of a class of linear uncertain switched systems with time-varying delays. The transition from one subsystem to another in systems is governed by a certain rule. The objective is to design linear memoryless passive filters such that for all uncertainties, the resulting filtering error system is robust stable(More)
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