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Metastasis is the major factor affecting patient survival in ovarian cancer. However, its molecular mechanisms remain unclear. Our study used isogenic pairs of low- and high-invasive ovarian cancer cell lines to demonstrate the downregulation of miRNA-138 in the highly invasive cells, and its functioning as an inhibitor of cell migration and invasion. An(More)
Glucocorticoids are widely used in conjunction with chemotherapy for ovarian cancer to prevent hypersensitivity reactions. Here we reveal a novel role for glucocorticoids in the inhibition of ovarian cancer metastasis. Glucocorticoid treatments induce the expression of miR-708, leading to the suppression of Rap1B, which result in the reduction of(More)
Interstitial flow in and around tumor tissue affects the mechanical microenvironment to modulate tumor cell growth and metastasis. We investigated the roles of flow-induced shear stress in modulating cell cycle distribution in four tumor cell lines and the underlying mechanisms. In all four cell lines, incubation under static conditions for 24 or 48 h led(More)
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