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Astrocytes function as spatial K(+) buffers by expressing a rich repertoire of K(+) channels. Earlier studies suggest that acid-sensitive tandem-pore K(+) channels, mainly TWIK-related acid-sensitive K(+) (TASK) channels, mediate part of the passive astroglial membrane conductance. Here, using a combination of electrophysiology and pharmacology, we(More)
Preparation of knowledge bank is a very difficult task. In this paper, we discuss the knowledge extraction from the manually examined Sinica Treebank. Categorical information, word-to-word relation, word collocations, new syntactic patterns and sentence structures are obtained. A searching system for Chinese sentence structure was developed in this study.(More)
In order to obtain a high precision and high coverage grammar, we proposed a model to measure grammar coverage and designed a PCFG parser to measure efficiency of the grammar. To generalize grammars, a grammar binari-zation method was proposed to increase the coverage of a probabilistic context-free grammar. In the mean time linguistically-motivated feature(More)
In order to accomplish the tasks of identifying incorrect characters and error correction, we developed two error detection systems with different dictionaries. First system, called CKIP-WS, adopted the CKIP word segmenta-tion system which based on CKIP dictionary as its core detection procedure; another system, called G1-WS, used Google 1T uni-gram data to(More)
Selecting the best structure from several ambiguous structures produced by a syntactic parser is a challenging issue. The quality of the solution depends on the precision of the structure evaluation methods. In this paper, we propose a general model (context-dependent probability re-estimation model, CDM) to enhance the structure probabilities estimation.(More)
The syntactic ambiguity of a transitive verb (Vt) followed by a noun (N) has long been a problem in Chinese parsing. In this paper, we propose a classifier to resolve the ambiguity of Vt-N structures. The design of the classifier is based on three important guidelines, namely, adopting linguistically motivated features, using all available resources, and(More)
Event classification is one of the crucial tasks in lexical semantic representation. Traditionally, researchers have regarded process and state as two top-level events and discriminated between them by semantic and syntactic characteristics. In this paper, we add cause-result relativity as an auxiliary criterion to discriminate between process and state by(More)
Many of the embedded systems have integrated the features of multimedia, networking, and mobility in a device. With the capability of wireless communication, mobile devices can be connected to share information, and even more, work together to accomplish a more complex job. In this paper, a novel distributed mobile computing model based on the concept of(More)