Yu-Min Chuang

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Wireless Personal Communications Abstract| Cellular Digital Packet Data (CDPD) utilizes sleep mode mechanism to conserve the power of mobile end systems (MESs). A timer called T203 determines how quick an M-ES enters the sleep mode, and another timer called T204 determines how often the M-ES wakes up. A large T204 value and a small T203 value can eeectively(More)
The Mycobacterium tuberculosis gene Rv3232c/MT3329 (ppk2) encodes a class II polyphosphate kinase, which hydrolyzes inorganic polyphosphate (poly P) to synthesize GTP. We assessed the role of ppk2 in M. tuberculosis poly P regulation, antibiotic tolerance, and virulence. A ppk2-deficient mutant (ppk2::Tn) and its isogenic wild-type (WT) and complemented(More)
UNLABELLED Mycobacterium tuberculosis can persist for decades in the human host. Stringent response pathways involving inorganic polyphosphate [poly(P)], which is synthesized and hydrolyzed by polyphosphate kinase (PPK) and exopolyphosphatase (PPX), respectively, are believed to play a key regulatory role in bacterial persistence. We show here that M.(More)
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