Yu M Burmistrov

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1. Black widow spider venom (BWSV), or crustacean-specific toxin purified from it (named latrocrustatoxin, LCT) were lethal for the crayfish. 2. Distortions in the EMG and motor activity pattern after LCT injection indicated venom effects on the crayfish nervous system. 3. In the isolated ventral nerve cord, transient activation of the "silent" interneurons(More)
This study investigated the pattern of the electrical field potentials recorded near the prebranchial chamber of the native crayfish Astacus leptodactylus. Inside the prebranchial chamber, the electrical waves had maximal amplitude and showed 2-4 peaks per cycle. Potentials with the same frequency but smaller amplitude and simpler shape were also recorded(More)
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