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Most RGB-D-based research focuses on scene reconstruction, gesture analysis, and simultaneous localization and mapping, but only a few study its impacts on face recognition. A common yet challenging scenario considered in face recognition takes a single 2D face of frontal pose as the gallery and other poses as the probe set. We consider a similar scenario(More)
—The virtual view synthesis reference software offered by the MPEG standard committee adopts the forward warping technique in projecting the depth map from the reference view to the target (virtual) view location. Often, this warping process results in many artifacts, holes and cracks, due to quantization errors and occlusion. In this study, we propose a(More)
Taiwan had been free of indigenous human and animal rabies case since canine rabies was eliminated in 1961. In July 2013, rabies was confirmed among three wild ferret-badgers, prompting public health response to prevent human rabies cases. This descriptive study reports the immediate response to the reemergence of rabies in Taiwan. Response included(More)
This paper mainly focuses on creating a global background model of a video sequence using the depth maps together with the RGB pictures. The first key concept is the near objects block the scenes at the back. With the aid of depth information, we can identify the closer moving objects. Secondly, we develop a recursive algorithm that iterates between the(More)
reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited. Objective To develop an integrated syndromic surveillance system for timely monitoring and early detection of unusual situations of scarlet fever in Taiwan, since Hong Kong, being so close geographically to Tai-wan, had an outbreak of scarlet fever in June 2011. Introduction Scarlet(More)
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