Yu-Long Jiang

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In this paper an automatic recoverable organic fuse composed of Au/Poly (3,4-ethylene-dioxy-thio-phene):poly(styrenesulfonate)(PEDOT:PSS)/Au structure is demonstrated. An off/on fuse resistance ratio of ~10<sup>3</sup> was observed. It is revealed that the switching off process is determined by the critical electric field intensity. But once the fuse(More)
The electrical characteristics of Ti/p-SiGe contacts with Ti thicknesses of 3nm and 5nm have been investigated in this paper. TiN was used as a cap layer on Ti. It is observed that as Ti film becomes thinner, Ti/p-SiGe contact resistivity (ρc) increases, but its Schottky barrier height (SBH) decreases, which does not coincide with the regular ρc-SBH(More)
The scattering mechanisms are investigated for MOSFETs with gate length varying from 1000 nm to 32 nm in this paper. Although the carrier mobility should theoretically be independent on the gate length, using the universal mobility model it is found that as the gate length reduces the Coulombic scattering decreases while the phonon scattering and the(More)
Ni silicide and germanosilicide formation with one-step and two-step rapid thermal annealing are compared in this study. The 1st annealing temperature for NiSi and Ni(Si/sub 1-x/Ge/sub x/) in two-step annealing process are investigated with sheet resistance measurements, X-ray diffraction and Auger election spectroscopy. Cross-sectional SEM shows the(More)
Carbides of refractory metals have been used as diffusion barriers due to their high melting point and good thermal and mechanical stability. In this work binary WC films have been investigated as Cu diffusion barriers by using ex-situ sheet resistance (Rs), X-ray diffraction (XRD) measurement and in-situ laser light scattering measurements. It was found(More)
The pixel design of CMOS image sensor with large dynamic range of 71dB and high charge transfer efficiency by simulation is presented. The electron transfer efficiency of 100% can be obtained, which means all the electrons induced by illumination can be transferred to the floating drain. The influence of gate length and photodiode location on charge(More)
By the droplet-pinned crystallization method organic field-effect transistors with good device performance were fabricated based on ribbon-like TIPS-pentacene crystals. The electrical property of OFETs with ribbon-like TIPS-pentacene crystals developed by different concentration solutions is investigated. It is revealed that large and highly textured(More)
As the critical dimension goes down to sub micron range, salicide (self-aligned-silicide) technology has become a crucial step in the fabrication process of ultra-high-speed CMOS devices. Among salicides processes, nickel salicide is recently becoming an appealing candidate to replace the traditionally used TiSi/sub x/ and CoSi/sub x/ in aggressively scaled(More)