Yu-Ling Sung

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The type-I plasminogen activator inhibitor (PAI-1), the primary inhibitor of both tissue-type and urokinase-type plasminogen activators (t-PA, u-PA), is the primary regulator of plasminogen activation and possibly of extracellular proteolysis. In anchorage-dependent cells, the PAI-1 gene is regulated by cell adhesion. PAI-1 gene expression is induced more(More)
We present a ROM compiler programmable from via 1 to via n – 2, where n is the number of metal layers. The layer on which the code via is landed can be selected by the user. With the coding being able to take place as close to the topmost metal as possible, the turnaround time for a revision is shortened. In this paper, we discuss the array assembly scheme(More)
This paper highlights the cell current characterization of a low leakage 6T SRAM by adjusting the threshold voltages of the transistors in the memory array to reduce the standby power. Experiments using a 0.25μm 2.5V standard CMOS process with and without the additional threshold voltage adjustment implant on a 1Mb test chip demonstrate the effectiveness. A(More)
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