Yu-Lin Tzeng

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CONTEXT Patients with primary aldosteronism are associated with increased myocardial fibrosis. Galectin-3 is one of the most important mediators between macrophage activation and myocardial fibrosis. OBJECTIVE To investigate whether aldosterone induces galectin-3 secretion in vitro and in vivo. METHODS AND RESULTS We investigated the possible molecular(More)
We present integrated services for playing and building games for learning Chinese characters. This work is unique on two aspects: (1) students play games that are designed based on psycholinguistic principles and (2) teachers compile the games with software tools that are supported by sublexical information in Chinese. Players of the games experience and(More)
We demonstrate applications of psycholin-guistic and sublexical information for learning Chinese characters. The knowledge about the grapheme-phoneme conversion (GPC) rules of languages has been shown to be highly correlated to the ability of reading alphabetic languages and Chinese. We build and will demo a game platform for strengthening the association(More)
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