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In this paper, low latency and high throughput texture coding architectures are proposed to realize the 4×4 integer/Hadamard transforms, the quantization (Q), and the inverse-quantization (IQ) schemes for the H.264/AVC application. Based on matrix operations, the efficient fast two-dimensional (2-D) 4×4 transforms can be derived from the proposed(More)
In this paper, the unified two-dimensional (2-D) fast algorithms for realization of 4/spl times/4 integer and Hadamard transforms in H.264/AVC are proposed. Based on matrix operations with Kronecker product, the efficient fast 2-D 4/spl times/4 transforms can be derived from the proposed one-dimensional (1-D) fast 4/spl times/4 transforms through matrix(More)
Effects of two phonics courses on Chinese L1 EFL beginner readers' knowledge of the English alphabetic principle were compared. Two groups of children with matched baselines received aphonics course designed with the gist of either the existing phonics practice within Taiwan's Primary English education (the EPP) or the Revelational Phonics Approach (the(More)
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