Yu-Liang Chi

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This paper reports some experiences that we utilize Petri net models to validate the reliability of a composite Web service. To enable a validate process, the PNML (Petri net markup language) are introduced to transform a composite service into a Petri net model that can be further used by measurable processes. The algorithms and corresponding reliable(More)
0957-4174/$ see front matter 2008 Elsevier Ltd. A doi:10.1016/j.eswa.2008.12.015 * Corresponding author. Tel.: +886 3 2655408; fax: E-mail addresses: maxchi@cycu.edu.tw (Y.-L. C (C.-Y. Chen). Enterprises frequently use project teams to perform various tasks. In a human-centered, highly collaborative environment, the importance of teamwork exceeds that of(More)
In this paper a methodology is introduced to ease webbased simulation development: component-based development with a decision making bean. Componentbased development, which permits use of drag and drop development, can reduce development time significantly since it requires no coding. Also, a decision making bean simplifies definition of logical(More)
This study develops an ontology building process for extracting conceptual tags and hierarchies in textual corpus. Though humans have been creating ontologies for many years, efficient ontology building processes in textual corpus are extremely ad hoc. Several issues have identified including how to recognize terminology in textual document, name concept(More)
Chronic diseases patients often require constant dietary control that involves complicated interaction among factors such as the illness stage, the patient's physical condition, the patient's activity level, the amount of food intake, and key nutrient restrictions. This study aims to integrate multiple knowledge sources for problem solving modeling and(More)
This study describes a framework of building ontological knowledge bases to restrengthen current digital archive systems. The approaches promote the service level from information to knowledge that further provides somatic capability for systems. The development technologies for building an ontological knowledge base include as follows: the formal concept(More)
The Internet is the largest information repository. Most information retrieval systems are based on the premise that users know the keywords for searching subjects. However, identifying the appropriate keywords has become increasingly problematic for most users. This study proposes a comprehensive knowledge-based system that assists users in discovering(More)
This paper utilizes an attention concept approach in text mining to address the deficiencies of existing keyword search engines. We show how an attention concept in conjunction with a traditional search approach can be used to develop an adaptive text mining model with user-oriented, time-based and attentive knowledge. Without changing a user’s search(More)