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Human Pacman is a novel mixed reality interactive entertainment system that ventures to embed the natural physical world seamlessly with a fantasy virtual playground by capitalizing on infrastructure provided by wearable computer, mixed reality, and ubiquitous computing research. We have progressed from the old days of 2D arcade Pacman on screens, with(More)
This paper addresses extracting two layers from an image where one layer is smoother than the other. This problem arises most notably in intrinsic image decomposition and reflection interference removal. Layer decomposition from a single-image is inherently ill-posed and solutions require additional constraints to be enforced. We introduce a novel strategy(More)
This paper introduces an automatic method for removing reflection interference when imaging a scene behind a glass surface. Our approach exploits the subtle changes in the reflection with respect to the background in a small set of images taken at slightly different view points. Key to this idea is the use of SIFT-flow to align the images such that a(More)
MOTIVATION Protein-ligand binding sites are the active sites on protein surface that perform protein functions. Thus, the identification of those binding sites is often the first step to study protein functions and structure-based drug design. There are many computational algorithms and tools developed in recent decades, such as LIGSITE(cs/c), PASS,(More)
This paper addresses the problem of rain streak removal from a single image. Rain streaks impair visibility of an image and introduce undesirable interference that can severely affect the performance of computer vision algorithms. Rain streak removal can be formulated as a layer decomposition problem, with a rain streak layer superimposed on a background(More)
Human Pacman is an interactive role-playing game that envisions to bring the computer gaming experience to a new level of emotional and sensory gratification by setting the real world as a playground. This is a physical fantasy game integrated with human-social and mobile-gaming that emphasizes on collaboration and competition between players. By setting(More)
When one captures images in low-light conditions, the images often suffer from low visibility. Besides degrading the visual aesthetics of images, this poor quality may also significantly degenerate the performance of many computer vision and multimedia algorithms that are primarily designed for high-quality inputs. In this paper, we propose a simple yet(More)
With the rapid growth of emerging applications like social network analysis, semantic Web analysis and bioinformatics network analysis, a variety of data to be processed continues to witness a quick increase. Effective management and analysis of large-scale data poses an interesting but critical challenge. Recently, big data has attracted a lot of attention(More)