Yu Kyung Kim

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BACKGROUND Vestibular symptoms/signs frequently coexist with migraine, but the mechanisms of migraine-related vestibular dysfunction remain to be elucidated. This study aimed to determine altered brain metabolism in vestibular migraine. METHODS Two patients with vestibular migraine underwent (18)F-fluorodeoxy glucose (FDG) positron-emission tomography(More)
Transforming growth factor (TGF)-beta1 is a key cytokine producing extracellular matrix. We evaluated the effect of TGF-beta1 gene polymorphism at codon 10 on the development of cirrhosis in patients with chronic hepatitis B. One hundred seventy eight patients with chronic hepatitis (CH, n=57) or liver cirrhosis (LC, n=121), who had HBsAg and were over 50(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES This study was aimed at evaluating the significance of blood pressure (BP) load in ambulatory blood pressure monitoring (ABPM) in obese children and adolescents. SUBJECTS AND METHODS ABPM was conducted for 60 selected patients who had visited Sunlin Hospital between January 2008 and August 2008. Patients were classified into 3(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS Colorectal cancer, one of the most common cancers in developed countries, is curable when diagnosed at an early stage. However, for better screening, both a test that patients will tolerate and diagnostic accuracy are required. We compared patient experiences and preferences between computed tomographic (CT) colonography and conventional(More)
We experienced a case of hyperinfection with strongyloides stercoralis in a 64-year-old housewife who complained of severe epigastric pain associated with nausea, vomiting and general weakness for the period of one month. She received corticosteroid therapy for several months because of arthritis prior to admission. The diagnosis was confirmed by(More)
Heterotopic gastric mucosa in the upper esophagus is frequently found during endoscopic examination. Although most patients with heterotopic gastric mucosa of the upper esophagus, referred as inlet patch, are asymptomatic, symptomatic patients with complications resulting from this ectopic mucosa have also been reported. Acid secretion by the inlet patch(More)
We develop new tests of the dividend signaling hypothesis by focusing on the role of liquidity. We allow for two different types of signaling models: one where current dividends signal firm value and the objective is to prevent current dilution, and the other where commitments to future dividends constitute the signal. We find that the results differ by the(More)
In recent years, several linearized model approaches for fast and reliable parametric neuroreceptor mapping based on dynamic nuclear imaging have been developed from the simplified reference tissue model (SRTM) equation. All the methods share the basic SRTM assumptions, but use different schemes to alleviate the effect of noise in dynamic-image voxels.(More)