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Although the amount of electronically stored data is continuously increasing on the internet, there are no good solutions to easily deal with uncertainty contained in datasets. Formal Concept Analysis(FCA) classifies data based on the ordinary set into concept units which consists of objects and attributes that those objects have commonly. However, FCA is(More)
Services such as Wikipedia, Flickr, Technorati, Yahoo!, YouTube, del.icio.us appear in many web applications, employ the folksonomy as their social tagging mechanism, where users assign tags to resources and share it with each other within their community. As the number of the folksonomy-based systems is increased, some proper data mining approaches to(More)
Nowadays, we need much time and effort for extracting useful information in a flood of data, which are generated everyday by the development of a computer. In order to solve such a problem, many approaches are proposed. Data Mining is the whole process for knowledge discovery by analyzing data, or by extracting patterns in specific categories from data. As(More)
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