Yu Kuramochi

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Delta is a major transmembrane ligand for Notch receptor that mediates numerous cell fate decisions. The Notch signaling pathway has long been thought to be mono-directional, because ligands for Notch were generally believed to be unable to transmit signals into the cells expressing them. However, we showed here that Notch also supplies signals to(More)
Acyl-CoA hydrolase could provide a mechanism via its potency to modulate cellular concentrations of acyl-CoAs for the regulation of various cellular events including fatty acid metabolism and gene expression. However, only limited evidence of this is available. To better understand the physiological role of this enzyme, we characterized a mouse brain(More)
Brain acyl-CoA hydrolase (BACH) is a cytosolic enzyme responsible for the brain long-chain acyl-CoA thioesterase activity, that is the highest in the body. BACH was detected in the mouse brain as early as embryonic day (E) 11.5 by immunoblotting. The level of the major isoform (43-kDa) was low until E12.5, but promptly elevated to a peak 7 days after birth.(More)
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