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Image scaling plays an important role in digital image processing. It is widely applied in all sorts of display terminals. A new scaling method was proposed in this paper. The method combines traditional nearest neighbor and bilinear methods in a simple but effective way. The hybrid algorithm was discussed based on analysis of its idea origin. Multiple(More)
With the development of IC technology and the increasing processing power requirement, more and more processing cores are being integrated into one single chip. One of the key problems is the communication efficiency between the processing cores, and network on chip (NoC) has been proposed as prospect architecture. In this paper, scalability issue of 2-D(More)
A new architecture based on parallel FIR systolic arrays for motion compensation interpolation in H.264/AVC is presented in this paper. Unlike other interpolation architectures based on traditional adder tree or one systolic FIR, this design has advantages of both the pipeline property of systolic FIR filter and high parallel property. It has following(More)
With the development of a large scale integrated circuit and semiconductor production process, multi-processor on-chip system provides a feasible solution for the highly parallel computation and communications. In this paper, taking JPEG decoding as the starting point, a decoding system with multi-core processors based on the Avalon bus is presented. The(More)
A novel architecture FFT processor which can carry on 1-D FFT algorithm or 2-D FFT algorithm corresponding different size of FFT is proposed in this paper. The architecture is served as a scalable IP Core which is suitable for the heterogeneous multi-core SoC on chip application. The mixed architecture FFT processor achieves balance between high processing(More)