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Ordered graphene has been extensively studied. In this paper, we undertake a density functional study of topologically disordered analogs of graphene, in the form of a random network, consisting predominantly of hexagonal rings, but also including pentagons and heptagons. After some preliminaries with crystalline material, we relax various random network(More)
We report the first nitrogen-containing iron-pnictide superconductor ThFeAsN, which is synthesized by a solid-state reaction in an evacuated container. The compound crystallizes in a ZrCuSiAs-type structure with the space group P4/nmm and lattice parameters a = 4.0367(1) Å and c = 8.5262(2) Å at 300 K. The electrical resistivity and dc magnetic(More)
We report bulk superconductivity at 1.0 K in a low-dimensional ternary telluride Ta3Pd3Te14 containing edge-sharing PdTe2 chains along crystallographic b axis, similar to the recently discovered superconductor Ta4Pd3Te16. The electronic heat capacity data show an obvious anomaly at the transition temperature, which indicates bulk superconductivity. The(More)
We carried out measurements of the magnetoresistance, magnetic susceptibility and specific heat on crystals of the low-dimensional transition metal telluride Ta4Pd3Te16. Our results indicate that Ta4Pd3Te16 is an anisotropic type-II superconductor in the clean limit with the extracted Ginzburg-Landau parameter KGL = 84. The upper critical field Hc2(T) shows(More)
We have synthesized a novel europium bismuth sulfofluoride, Eu3Bi2S4F4, by solid-state reactions in sealed evacuated quartz ampules. The compound crystallizes in a tetragonal lattice (space group I4/mmm, a = 4.0771(1) Å, c = 32.4330(6) Å, and Z = 2), in which CaF2-type Eu3F4 layers and NaCl-like BiS2 bilayers stack alternately along the crystallographic c(More)
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