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Neuropeptides are an important class of molecules involved in diverse aspects of metazoan development and homeostasis. Insects are ideal model systems to investigate neuropeptide functions, and the major focus of insect neuropeptide research in the last decade has been on the identification of their receptors. Despite these vigorous efforts, receptors for(More)
With the popularization of today’s mobile devices, the environment that enables us to publish and utilize information independent of location and time has been actualized. In the future, various kinds of sensors such as GPS as well as network-enabled appliances will also be connected to the Internet. By utilizing various kinds of information acquired(More)
In the penultimate (4th) instar larvae of Bombyx mori, juvenile hormone (JH) synthesis by corpora allata (CA) fluctuates. When diet containing 20-hydroxyecdysone (20E) was fed, JH synthetic activity of the CA was first stimulated as the ecdysteroid titer increased, then suppressed slightly by the higher molting concentration of ecdysteroids (>250 ng/ml).(More)
Ecdysteroids and juvenile hormones (JHs) are key hormones that are responsible for insect molting and metamorphosis. JH maintains the larval state and the decline of its level in the hemolymph is crucial to elicit transformation to the pupal stage; therefore, the precise control of JH biosynthesis is necessary for normal development and the initiation of(More)
Molting and metamorphosis are essential events for arthropod development, and juvenile hormone (JH) and its precursors play critical roles for these events. We examined the regulation of JH biosynthesis by the corpora allata (CA) in Bombyx mori, and found that intact brain-corpora cardiaca (CC)-CA complexes produced a smaller amount of JH than that in CC-CA(More)
There are several research projects ongoing to apply cloud computing to industrial systems. The main focus of them is real-time performance of virtual machines (VMs) since it is important to guarantee a time-critical feature of industrial systems. However, there is another important issue that how much computing resource (CPU, memory, etc.) should be(More)
Cloud computing has been adapted for various application domains including industrial automation systems. Migrating industrial automation systems to a public cloud would deliver several advantages such as cost reduction for system developers and users. However the availability current industrial automation systems require is higher than the availability(More)
As computer systems become more complicated, monitoring dataflows in a system becomes important for maintaining its performance. However, because conventional methods of dataflow monitoring are either too fine-grained or too coarse-grained, it is difficult to analyze application-specific performance metrics. In this paper, we propose a dataflow logger with(More)
In a remote building management system (BMS) that manages facilities of buildings or factories, there is an application called a crawler that collects statuses of facilities via a network. By running a crawler on a Virtual Machine (VM) for each building owner, operators of the remote BMS can limit influence of a failure of one crawler and can reduce the(More)
In insects, juvenile hormone (JH) and 20-hydroxyecdysone (20E) regulate larval growth and molting. However, little is known about how this cooperative control is terminating larval diapause especially in the bamboo borer, Omphisa fuscidentalis. In both in vivo and in vitro experiments, we here measured the expression levels of genes which were affected by(More)
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