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Recurrences are close returns of a given state in a time series, and can be used to identify different dynamical regimes and other related phenomena, being particularly suited for analyzing experimental data. In this work, we use recurrence quantification analysis to investigate dynamical patterns in scalar data series obtained from measurements of floating(More)
is investigated for multifractal properties of the fluctuating floating electrostatic potential measured by Langmuir probes. The multifractality in this signal is characterized by the full multifractal spectra determined by applying the wavelet transform modulus maxima. In this work, the dependence of the multifractal spectrum with the radial position is(More)
A histological study of oogenesis of paliya Salvelinus alpinus complex (from larvae aged 3 weeks after hatching to the age of 3 years and 9 months) has been carried out. The fish was bred in tanks of the Federal Center of Fish Genetics and Selection (FCFGS, Ropsha, Leningrad oblast). Three-week-old larvae had primordial cells and gonia of the first orders(More)
The muscular system of a variety of the goldfish Carassius auratus gibelio fantail is investigated and described in detail for the first time. The structure of the muscular system principally corresponds to that of other Teleostei. At the same time, in contrast to other fish, in the fantail three posterior lower-keel muscles are found for the first time,(More)
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