Yu-Jung Chen

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Growing evidence suggests that mood disorder is associated with insulin resistance and inflammation. Thus the effects of antidepressants on insulin sensitivity and proinflammatory responses will be a crucial issue for depression treatment. In this study, we enrolled 43 non-diabetic young depressed males and adapted standard testing procedures to assess(More)
Today 2.4 GHz based wireless sensor networks are increasing at a tremendous pace, and are seen in widespread applications. Product innovation and support by many vendors in 2.4 GHz makes it a preferred choice, but the networks are prone to issues like interference, and range issues. On the other hand, the less popular 868 MHz in the ISM band has not seen(More)
In the rat isolated perfused kidney, arachidonic acid elicits cyclooxygenase-dependent vasoconstriction through activation of PGH2/TxA2 receptors; responses are enhanced in kidneys from diabetic rats. This study examined the roles of cyclooxygenase-1/cyclooxygenase-2 in the enhanced renal vasoconstrictor effect of arachidonic acid in streptozotocin-diabetic(More)
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