Yu-Jung Chen

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The feature selection process can be considered a problem of global combinatorial optimization in machine learning, which reduces the number of features, removes irrelevant, noisy and redundant data, and results in acceptable classification accuracy. In this study, we propose a combined filter method (ReliefF) and a wrapper method (memetic algorithm, MA)(More)
—Today 2.4 GHz based wireless sensor networks are increasing at a tremendous pace, and are seen in widespread applications. Product innovation and support by many vendors in 2.4 GHz makes it a preferred choice, but the networks are prone to issues like interference, and range issues. On the other hand, the less popular 868 MHz in the ISM band has not seen(More)
Objectives To seek a position in the field of computer graphics, including GPU architecture, graphics/parallel programming. Approximated Global Illumination Using Simplified Geometry Path Tracing • Approximate path tracing via querying a hybrid geometry structure • Simple parallel implementation for point clustering First Bounce Indirect Illumination •(More)
Efficiency for mobile devices becomes important than ever due to the demanding multimedia applications. Take HD video decoding for example, it is getting challenging as the resolution increases. To enhance efficiency, HSA (Heterogeneous System Architecture) is proposed to drive a new era of computation. Based on this idea, we develop a heterogeneous(More)
Thread divergence frequently occurs in various GPGPU applications while parallel threads encounter branching, especially for multimedia algorithms involving high-level image processing and computer vision algorithms. Either predicate or branch instruction degrades the parallel processing performance as a result of synchronization cost. In this work, we(More)
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