Yu-Jun Jiang

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On the basis of our previous results on potential immunoregulation of Lactobacillus acidophilus NCFM, the immunoregulatory effects of exopolysaccharides (EPS) isolated from L. acidophilus NCFM and their regulating mechanisms are further investigated in the current research. Stimulated by EPS preparations, four immune-related genes in the human colorectal(More)
Abstract: The major flavor substances Lactic acid bacteria produced include the buttermilk aroma butanedione, the yoghurt flavor acetaldehyde and the amino acid. Metabolic engineering in LAB had focused primarily on rerouting of pyruvate metabolism towards butanedione or acetaldehyde to improve the flavor of fermented milk, which has considerable economic(More)
The cDNA sequence of bovine prochymosin gene was cloned and sequenced from the abomasums of suckling calf by RT-PCR. The sequence was aligned and bioinformatically analyzed with related sequences in GenBank. The result of sequence analysis revealed that the gene was determined to bovine prochymosin B gene and had the high level of homology with prochymosin(More)
To investigate the seasonal and spatial variations of ion chemistry of fine particles in Northern Zhejiang Province (NZP), China, one year-long field sampling was conducted at four representative sites (two urban, one suburb, and one rural sites) in both cities of Hangzhou and Ningbo from December 2014 to November 2015. Twelve water soluble inorganic ions(More)
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