Yu-Jing Lin

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Retrograde signals induced by synaptic activities are derived from postsynaptic cells to potentiate presynaptic properties, such as cytoskeletal dynamics, gene expression, and synaptic growth. However, it is not known whether activity-dependent retrograde signals can also depotentiate synaptic properties. Here we report that laminin A (LanA) functions as a(More)
This study reviews election records and introduces the development of open election data in Taiwan over the past seven decades. The study reports the frequencies of each previous election and current data formats using a 5-star open data deployment scheme. Currently, the earliest open election data for Taiwan is the election data from 1990. This election(More)
BACKGROUND Butylidenephthalide (Bdph), a main constituent of Ligusticum chuanxiong Hort., was reported to have selective antianginal effect without changing blood pressure in conscious rat. Recently, we have observed that Bdph antagonized cromakalim, an ATP-dependent K(+) channel opener, in guinea-pig trachea. Thus, we were interested in investigating(More)
BACKGROUND Intrinsic optical signals (IOS), which reflect changes in transmittance and scattering light, have been applied to characterize the physiological conditions of target biological tissues. Backscattering approaches allow mounting of the source and detector on the same side of a sample which creates a more compact physical layout of device. This(More)
The effects of two nicotinic antagonists, d-tubocurarine (TC) and hexamethonium (HEX) were tested on the rat diaphragm neuromuscular junction during train-of-six stimuli to determine if a second action of these antagonists on evoked release could be demonstrated, in addition to its known impact of blocking the autoreceptor pathway. To minimize the(More)
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