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Lattice-reduction-aided detection (LRAD) has been shown to considerably increase the performance of linear Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) detection systems. In this paper, we show that conventional LRAD is inherently incompatible with the use of different modulation formats across transmit antennas or, more generally , the use of transmit power(More)
Cooperative communication has been widely investigated to improve performance of wireless networks. In cooperative wireless system, various MIMO scheme such as OSTBC, CDD and V-BLAST can be easily applied and obtain diversity or multiplexing gain. These schemes cannot obtain diversity and multiplexing gain simultaneously. To guarantee both high throughput(More)
—With the rapid development of wind turbine, pho-tovoltaic and battery technologies, renewable energy resources such as wind and solar become the most common distributed generations (DG) that are being integrated into microgrids. One key impediment is to determine the sizes and placements of DGs within which the microgrid can achieve its maximum potential(More)
Orthogonal frequency and code division multiplexing (OFCDM) has been spotlighted as a next generation communication system. Cooperative OFCDM relaying system has advantages that provide the high reliability while maintaining high data rate because of getting the frequency diversity and the spatial diversity. However, this system decreases a throughput(More)
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