Yu-Jin G. Lee

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We established and tested an unconstrained sleep apnea monitoring method using a polyvinylidene (PVDF) film-based sensor for continuous and accurate monitoring of apneic events occurred during sleep. Twenty-six sleep apnea patients and six normal subjects participated in this study. Subjects' respiratory signals were measured using the PVDF-based sensor(More)
OBJECTIVE We investigated the prevalence of insomnia and its clinical characteristics in North Korean refugees. METHODS North Korean refugees living in South Korea (48 males, 129 females; mean age 38.22±12.24 years) and South Koreans (112 males, 203 females; mean age 39.48±10.32 years) completed the following questionnaires: the Self-reported(More)
OBJECTIVE In the present study, it was hypothesized that the sleep electroencephalogram (EEG) characteristics of young (<30 yrs) and elderly (>55 yrs) OSAS patients would differ. METHODS We analyzed 76 sleep EEG recordings from OSAS patients (young group: n=40, mean age: 24.3±4.9 yrs; elderly group: n=36, mean age: 59.1±4.9 yrs), which were obtained(More)
Our goal was to examine the relationship between attention and suicidal ideation in a school-based adolescent population. This cross-sectional study involved 2,462 students from eight high schools in South Korea (1,021 males and 1,441 females, mean age 17.3 ± 0.6 years). The participants completed the Beck Scale for Suicide Ideation (SSI) and the Beck(More)
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