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In this paper, we study the multicast routing problem in Cognitive Radio Networks (CRNs). We propose a new network modeling method, where we model CRNs using a Multi-rate Multilayer Hyper-Graph (MMHG). Given a multicast session of the MMHG, our goal is to find the multicast routing trees that minimize the worst case end-to-end delay (delay), maximize the(More)
Virtual multiple-input multiple-output (V-MIMO) technology promises significant performance enhancements to cellular systems in terms of spectral efficiency (SE) and energy efficiency (EE). How these two conflicting metrics scale up in large cellular V-MIMO networks is unclear. This paper studies the EE-SE trade-off of the uplink of a multi-user cellular(More)
This study describes the development of WACCShed, an agent-based software platform that permits the systematic study of interactions among hydrology, climate, and strategic human decision-making in a watershed over time. To illustrate the capabilities of the platform, findings are reported for a base-case application reflecting, in simplified form, the(More)
Currently, network intrusion detection is in face of the conflict between the difficult to label data and the high accuracy request to detect intrusion. In this paper, we propose a SVM co-training based method to detect network intrusion. It exploits the large amount of unlabeled data, and increase the detection accuracy and stability by co-training two(More)
I/O characteristics are vital to application development and orchestration of storage system. Users and system managers usually perform I/O optimizations to applications and file systems according to I/O characteristics of parallel applications. In this paper, we first investigate the overhead of FTracer, which is a I/O characterizing tool proposed in our(More)
According to the virtual instrument technology, data acquisition system for pneumatic actuator of the Tomato Color Sorter is put forwards into application in this paper. Working principle of the tomato color sorter, the characteristics of pneumatic actuator are introduced briefly. System's hardware components, sensor design principles and software design(More)
This study describes the architecture and capabilities of an open source agent-based Java platform that permits the systematic study of interactions among hydrology, climate, and strategic human decision-making in a watershed over time. To demonstrate the platform’s use and capabilities, an application is presented in accordance with ODD protocol(More)
Knowledge Graph is a powerful tool to manage large scale knowledge, and is an important means to deal with the problem of the knowledge fragment. Knowledge Graph can be applied to Semantic Search, Question Answering System, Deep Reading and other. The current research mainly focuses on the information fusion of broad-spectrum knowledge, and aims at(More)
Self-healing mechanism is one of the three functionalities for self-organizing networks, and it has three major components to be studied by the academic society: fault detection, fault diagnosis and cell outage compensation. In this paper, we study the cell outage compensation function of the selfhealing mechanism. In a heterogeneous network environment(More)