Yu Jie Yeh

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This study investigated plasma lipopolysaccharides (LPS) concentration and intestinal permeability after 60-min run at 70 % maximum oxygen uptake (VO2max) in hot [33 °C, 50 % relative humidity (rH)] and cool (22 °C, 62 % rH) conditions. Fifteen volunteers gave their informed consent to participate in this study. Their venous blood samples were taken before,(More)
A case of pneumocephalus and respiratory depression after dural puncture during lumbar epidural analgesia is reported. The loss of resistance to air technique was employed to identify the epidural space. Severe respiratory depression and stuporous consciousness developed one hour after a bolus of 2 mg morphine was given epidurally at the end of operation.(More)
Accelerated reversal of moderate neuromuscular blockade has been reported to be effective by giving anticholinesterase in divided doses (priming reversal). To evaluate its effectiveness in profound blockade, forty ASA physical status I or II patients were studied. After receiving 0.5mg/kg of atracurium during N2O-O2-halothane anesthesia, they were reversed(More)
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