Yu-Jiao Zhu

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With homologous DNA probes, we had screened a grass carp heat shock protein 90 gene (CiHsp90). The full sequence of CiHsp90 cDNA was 2793 bp, which could code a 798 amino acids peptide. The phylogenetic analysis demonstrated that CiHsp90 shared the high homology with Zebrafish Grp94. Quantitative RT-PCR analysis showed that CiHsp90 was ubiquitously(More)
Surface grafting of polyelectrolyte brush, such as 3-sulfopropyl methacrylate potassium salt (SPMK), on hip implant materials has been reported to reduce the wear of the orthopaedic bearing surface. However, the biotribocorrosion behaviour of the SPMK brush has not been taken into consideration in previous research. In the present study, SPMK was grafted on(More)
Two novel axially substituted phthalocyanines, namely bis(4-(4-acetylpiperazine)phenoxy)phthalocyaninatosilicon (IV) (1) and its N-methylated derivative 2, have been synthesized. The dicationic phthalocyanine 2 is non-aggregated in water and exhibits good photophysical properties. The non-covalent BSA conjugates of these compounds have also been prepared.(More)
Photophysical photochemical properties, in vitro photodynamic anticancer activity and interaction with albumin of a new axially modified silicon phthalocyanine, i. e. di (2-amino-6-trifluoromethyl-4-pyrimidinyloxy) silicon phthalocyanine (SiPcF), were studied in the present paper. The Q band maximum absorption of SiPcF located at 686 nm with the molar(More)
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