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Structures and Bioactivities of the Polysaccharides from Polygonatum Odoratum: A Review
Structures and Bioactivities of the Polysaccharides from Polygonatum Odoratum: A Review YU Jiang-nan, JIANG Hui-yan, XU Yao, XU Xi-ming (School of Pharmacy, and Center for Drug/Gene Delivery andExpand
Research progress in analysis methods and pharmacological effects of berberine
Berberine is the active ingredient of a variety of traditional Chinese medicines for heat-clearing and detoxifying.HPLC,UV,etc.were the most common determination methods.Recent studies have shownExpand
Influence of Pazufloxacin Mesilate on Pharmacokinetics of Aminophylline in Rabbits
OBJECTIVE To study the influence of pazufloxacin mesylate on the pharmacokinetics of aminophylline in rabbits. METHODS With a self-controlled method, the concentration of aminophylline was determinedExpand
Experiment of Using Organic Pesticide Control Pest in Apricot Orchard
In order to give organic apricot garden pest control provides theory basis,choose two types organic pesticide to control Acleris fimbriana Thunbeng and Hyalopterus amygdali Blanchard in apricotExpand
Study on Laboratory Population of Hyalopterus amygdali at Five Constant Temperatures
The development and reproduction of the Hyalopterus amygdali on Xinjiang oases desert were evaluated at interior constant temperature in laboratory and showed that the developmental rate increased with the rise of temperature from 18℁ to 28℃. Expand
Advances in Research of Targeting Drug Delivery Systems Mediated by Receptors
The recent advances of targeting drug Delivery systems which were receptors-mediated were reviewed to provide the strategies and rational methods for further investigations and applications of the targeting drug delivery systems. Expand
The Occurrence and Control of Acleris fimbirana Thunbeng in Kuche of Xinjiang
After studying the morphology and ecology of Acleris fimbirana Thunbeng, results show that trees can lost their ability of photosynthesis in the severe situation, which impact on fruit tree’s yield and growth seriously. Expand
Advances in Research of Drug Metabolism of Primary Rat Hepatocytes Culture
This review covers the advances in research of the culture technique and the drug metabolism of primary rat hepatocytes culture and its role in evaluating the drug safety and effectiveness. Expand
Study on Overwintering Biology and Remove Law of Eriosoma lanigerum in Ili River Valley
The paper has researched overwinter biology and remove rule of the woolly apple aphid Eriosoma lanigerum(Hausmann) in Ili River Valley and the number of nymphae which move on cloudy day are less than that on sunny day. Expand
Advances of Novel Drug Delivery Systems for Tetracyclines
Some recent progress and techniques special for tetracyclines delivery, including liposomes, microspheres,floating tablets,hydrogel,matrix-drug conjugation and fiber were applied in tetrACYclines sustained release studies. Expand