Yu-Jiang Wu

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Based on the preconditioned modified Hermitian and skew-Hermitian splitting (PMHSS) iteration method, we introduce a lopsided PMHSS (LPMHSS) iteration method for solving a broad class of complex symmetric linear systems. The convergence properties of the LPMHSS method are analyzed, which show that, under a loose restriction on parameter α, the iterative(More)
In this paper we derive five kinds of algorithms for simultaneously finding the zeros of a complex polynomial. The convergence and the convergence rate with higher order are obtained. The algorithms are numerically illustrated by an example of degree 10, and the numerical results are satisfactory. In dieser Arbeit leiten wir fünf Varianten eines Algorithmus(More)
For a class of nonsingular saddle-point problems, Bai et al. in 2008 studied an efficient parameterized inexact Uzawa (PIU) method; see [Z.-Z. Bai, Z.-Q. Wang, On parameterized inexact Uzawa methods for generalized saddle-point problems, Linear Algebra Appl. 428 (2008) 2900–2932]. In this paper, we use a generalized version of the PIU method, named as(More)
We use the modified Hermitian and skew-Hermitian splitting (MHSS) iteration method to solve a class of complex nonsymmetric singular linear systems. The semi-convergence properties of the MHSS method are studied by analyzing the spectrum of the iteration matrix. Moreover, after investigating the semi-convergence factor and estimating its upper bound for the(More)