Yu-Jiang Wu

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As well known, each of the consistent singular saddle-point (CSSP) problems has more than one solutions, and most of the iteration methods can only be proved to converge to one of the solutions of the CSSP problem. However, we do not know which solution it is and whether this solution depends on the initial iteration guesses. In this work, we introduce a(More)
For the singular saddle-point problems with nonsymmetric positive definite (1, 1) block, we present a general constraint preconditioning (GCP) iteration method based on a singular constraint preconditioner. Using the properties of the Moore-Penrose inverse, the convergence properties of the GCP iteration method are studied. In particular, for each of the(More)
For a class of nonsingular saddle-point problems, Bai et al. in 2008 studied an efficient parameterized inexact Uzawa (PIU) method; see [Z.-Z. Bai, Z.-Q. Wang, On parameterized inexact Uzawa methods for generalized saddle-point problems, Linear Algebra Appl. 428 (2008) 2900–2932]. In this paper, we use a generalized version of the PIU method, named as(More)