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Haliangicin is a beta-methoxyacrylate-type polyene antibiotic isolated from the unique marine myxobacterium Haliangium ochraceum. A further investigation of the extract of this microorganism has resulted in the isolation of haliangicin as well as its geometrical isomers. The configuration of the epoxide in haliangicin, which was unknown previously, was(More)
We analyzed the frequencies and haplotypes of DQA1*03 and *05 subtypes, DQA1*03011 or DQA1*0302 and DQA1*0501 or DQA1*0503, respectively, differing only at codon 160 in the non-polymorphic third exon of the DQA1 gene. Of these, 1,862 and 337 individuals selected as DQA1*03- and DQA1*05-positive samples, respectively among 2,215 unrelated Japanese were typed(More)
Known polyene amide, clathrynamide A, and three novel related metabolites, debromoclathrynamide A, (4E,6E)-debromoclathrynamide A and (6E)-clathrynamide A, were isolated from an Okinawan marine sponge, Psammoclemma sp. The absolute stereochemistry of clathrynamide A was determined to be 3R,12R by the modified Mosher method. The structures of the three new(More)
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