Yu. I. Levkovich

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Our previous investigations demonstrated that glucocorticoids released in response to stress protect gastric mucosa against stress-induced ulceration. This study was designed to determine whether gastric microcirculation is involved in the mechanism of gastroprotective glucocorticoid action. For this we evaluated the effects of deficiency of glucocorticoid(More)
The families of patients with schizophrenia carry an enormous emotional and social burden. This article is a historical review of the study of the well siblings of schizophrenic individuals. The early investigations (1950s-1970s) were based on the theory of familial transmission of schizophrenia and focused on siblings from the aspect of their(More)
The b ra in p o s s e s s e s v e r y few r e s e r v e cap i l l a r i e s as c o m p a r e d with the musc l e s [1-4], and the oxygen supply to the n e r v e ce l l s is regu la ted ma in ly by changes in the blood flow veloci ty in fimctioning cap i l l a r i e s . Studies on m a t h e m a t i c a l mode l s of diffusion and ut i l izat ion of oxygen In(More)
This report describes the results of a comparative genetic analysis of the proliferation activity, level of chromosomal aberrations, and the state of interphase chromatin in nerve cells from the developing brains of rat embryos from lines with nervous systems of different excitation thresholds. A relationship between the basal level of nervous system(More)
The effects of densensitization of capsaicin-sensitive afferent neurons on the microcirculation in the stomach were studied before and after administration of indomethacin at an ulcerogenic dose in adrenalectomized rats receiving and not receiving replacement therapy with corticosterone and in sham-operated animals. Measures of the microcirculation(More)
Effects of sodium nitrite on the blood flow rate (V) in microvessels of rat cerebral cortex (5–15 µm in diameter), arterial pressure (AP), plasma osmotic pressure (P osm), and hematological parameters were studied. The mean V and AP in 15 min after administration of NaNO2 (3 mg/100 g mass) decrease by 36% and 45%, while in 30 and 45 min they increase by 14%(More)
With respect to its composition and the properties of its individual components~ blood is a very complex liquid. Its motion in different blood vessels is therefore very complex in character, and it has attracted the attention of research workers for a long time. However, the available techniques for intravascular observations are very limited. Special(More)
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