Yu. I. Kudryavets

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This paper studies the biological activity of protein extracts of the Cichorium intybus L. and Lactuca sativa L. transgenic plants with the human interferon α2b gene againsf vesicular stomatitis virus. Extracts from transgenic lettuce and chicory roots, which were obtained after A. rhizogenes-mediated transformation, had antiviral activity in the range(More)
The frequency of cytogenetic abnormalities in cell populations of U-937 line in control group and after their exposure to tumor necrosis factor (TNF) was assayed. It has been found that the maximum effect of TNF is observed after 48-h exposure. It was exhibited as apoptosis induction, accumulation of cells with micronuclei and binuclear cells. An increased(More)
Since the discovery of cellular proto-oncogenes, great importance has been attributed to them because of the possible involvement of these conservative genetic elements in the processes of normal development, proliferation, and differentiation and of malignant growth. Convenient models with which to study the role of oncogenes in such important processes as(More)
Despite definite progress in the study of the causes of serious complications of bacterial infections, the mechanisms of development of these threatening states still remain insufficiently clear. Previously the development of pathological processes was linked with the presence of products of bacterial cells circulating in the blood stream, but nowadays more(More)
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