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The environment is an important but overlooked piece in the construction of multiagent-based scenarios. Richness, believability and variety of scenarios are inseparable from the environment because every action and interaction of agents is based around the environment they are situated in. The prerequisite, however, is that agents must be able to understand(More)
For products sold with a warranty, preventive maintenance (PM) actions by either the manufacturer and/or the buyer has an impact on the total cost for both parties. In this investigation, we use a model to study the effect of PM carried out by the buyer on non-repairable items sold under a free replacement renewing warranty, and a penalty will be incurred(More)
Agent technologies have been successfully applied to craft believable characters in interactive scenarios. However, intelligent characters specialized for a controlled scenario with a predefined story are inadequate for open-ended scenarios. The key to deal with the open-endedness problem lies in the characters' ability to understand and analyze unexpected(More)