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Due to the increasing use of very large databases and data warehouses, mining useful information and helpful knowledge from transactions is evolving into an important research area. In the past, researchers usually assumed databases were static to simplify data-mining problems. Thus, most of the classic algorithms proposed focused on batch mining, and did(More)
Structured Abstract Purpose The goal of this research is to demonstrate how Web-based applications improve the effectiveness of a very important HR function. It proposes a framework of a Web-based training needs assessment system for human resource (HR) professionals to effectively assess employee needs for competency-based training. A conceptual framework(More)
Previous studies have pointed out that computer games could improve students’ motivation to learn, but these studies have mostly targeted teachers or students in elementary and secondary education and are without user adoption models. Because business and management institutions in higher education have been increasingly using educational simulation games(More)
This study proposes an implementation process model for integrating eXtensible Markup Language (XML) into enterprise applications, which also meets the inter-organization data exchange standard of RosettaNet. This model is motivated by the Manufacturing Execution System (MES) group of Taiwan’s Mechanical Industry Research Laboratories (MIRL) in meeting(More)
Web design guidelines are adopted by many usability evaluation methods as one of the criteria for success, while usability is proven to significantly impact Website performance. Since Web design guidelines cover a broad range of system and interface design solutions, knowledge of them can be considered as a prominent indicator of Web design skills for(More)
To address four issues observed from the latest Personal Response System (PRS) review by Kay and LeSage (2009), this paper investigates, through a systematic research, how the derived benefits and challenges of PRS affect the satisfaction and continuance intention of college students in Taiwan. The empirical study samples representative college students(More)
Several theoretical models have been constructed to determine the effects of business simulation games (BSGs) on learning performance. Although these models agree on the concept of learning-cycle effect, no empirical evidence supports the claim that the use of learning cycle activities with BSGs produces an effect on incremental gains in knowledge and(More)
Many researches have developed Web usage mining (WUM) algorithms utilizing Web log records in order to discover useful knowledge to be used in supporting business applications and decision making. The quality of WUM in knowledge discovery, however, depends on the algorithm as well as on the data. This research explores a new data source called intentional(More)
Recently, e-learning in Taiwan’s higher education faces new challenges as the Ministry of Education begins to loosen its control over degree-awarding programs. Studies on stakeholder perceptions toward important e-learning issues become critical at this juncture for policy makers to make viable investment decisions toward e-learning programs. Although a(More)