Yu Huai Chang

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Microtubules are a proven target for anticancer drug development because they are critical for mitotic spindle formation and the separation of chromosomes at mitosis. 2-(Naphthalene-1-yl)-6-pyrrolidinyl-4-quinazolinone (HL66) induced cell death with the large cells and multiple micronuclei in M21 skin cancer cells. We demonstrated that HL66-induced cell(More)
A solution of an apparently nonimmunogenic synthetic compound, N,N-dioctadecyl-N',N'-bis(2-hydroxyethyl) propanediamine (CP-20961), suspended in mineral oil or olive oil (50 mg/ml), induced an acute, as well as a chronic, polyarthritis when single intradermal injections (0.2 ml) were made in the tail or hindpaw of Lewis rats. The polyarthritis was(More)
Intestinal dysfunction commonly occurs following hemorrhage and injury and appears to contribute to the development of multiple organ system failure in this setting. In order to examine possible mechanisms leading to intestinal dysfunction following blood loss, we investigated mRNA levels for cytokines with proinflammatory and immunoregulatory properties(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine the role of tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-alpha) in producing acute inflammatory lung injury after hemorrhage and resuscitation. DESIGN Prospective, controlled animal study. SETTING Research laboratory. SUBJECTS Male BALB/c mice. INTERVENTIONS Treatment with rat antimouse monoclonal anti-TNF-alpha antibodies or control rat(More)
The effects of cyclophosphamide, methotrexate, azathioprine and 6-mercaptopurine on the concomitant development of the humoral and the cellular immune responses of mice to a single antigen, the El4 tumour cell, were investigated. The measurements of cellular and humoral immunity were carried out in the same animal using lymphocyte and antibody mediated(More)
Intraperitoneal administration of a relatively small volume (0.2 ml) of plasma obtained from Sindbis virus--infected animals containing approximately 480 units of interferon/ml effectively suppressed the development of adjuvant arthritis. Similarly, administration of interferon (624 units/rat/day, ip) prepared in vitro by exposing rat embryo fibroblast(More)
Bacterial infection often occurs after trauma and hemorrhage and is believed to be a reflection of a compromised host defense system. In the present study, the effect of temporary loss of blood on lymphocyte proliferative capacity was investigated. Hemorrhage was induced in unanesthetized rats with chronically catheterized carotid arteries. Two hours after(More)