Yu-Hua Wang

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—Nowadays applications are mostly service oriented and cross-boundary, entities involved in the access control process are usually unfamiliar, so traditional access control mechanism, which basically uses the identity of the involved entities to control authorization internal the organization, is no longer sufficient. Then, trust negotiation is brought out(More)
BACKGROUND Gene transfer using a nanoparticle vector is a promising new approach for the safe delivery of therapeutic genes in human disease. The Tat peptide-decorated gelatin-siloxane (Tat-GS) nanoparticle has been demonstrated to be biocompatible as a vector, and to have enhanced gene transfection efficiency compared with the commercial reagent. This(More)
Fruit characters affect consumer preferences and the market value of melons is determined by fruit quality. Most fruit quality-related traits are controlled by multiple genes, and are influenced by environmental factors. Furthermore, powdery mildew is another limiting factor in melon production. To develop new melon cultivars with disease resistance and(More)
—For the aloha based anti-collision algorithm in RFID networks, the tag collisions could greatly reduce the throughput of the system. If the number of tags was gotten, the throughput could be greatly improved. Based on maximum likelihood estimation, the proposed hybrid tag number estimation scheme combined the binary search based anti-collision algorithm(More)
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