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Silicon is the dominant semiconductor for electronics, but there is now a growing need to integrate such components with optoelectronics for telecommunications and computer interconnections. Silicon-based optical modulators have recently been successfully demonstrated; but because the light modulation mechanisms in silicon are relatively weak, long (for(More)
We demonstrate an electroabsorption modulator on a silicon substrate based on the quantum confined Stark effect in strained germanium quantum wells with silicon-germanium barriers. The peak contrast ratio is 7.3 dB at 1457 nm for a 10 V swing, and exceeds 3 dB from 1441 nm to 1461 nm. The novel side-entry structure employs an asymmetric Fabry-Perot(More)
—We present observations of quantum confinement and quantum-confined Stark effect (QCSE) electroabsorption in Ge quantum wells with SiGe barriers grown on Si substrates, in good agreement with theoretical calculations. Though Ge is an indirect gap semiconductor, the resulting effects are at least as clear and strong as seen in typical III–V quantum well(More)
The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of 8-week whole-body vibration (WBV) training on running economy (RE) and power performance. Twenty-four male collegiate athletes were recruited and randomly assigned to experimental (WBV) and placebo (PL) groups. The WBV subjects performed semisquat vibration training (30 Hz, ±1-2 mm, 3 times per(More)
The abundance of circulating endothelial cells (CECs) and circulating endothelial progenitor cells (CEPs), which serve as surrogate markers for angiogenesis, may be affected by chemotherapy. We studied their dynamic change during consecutive cycles of chemotherapy. We collected blood samples from 15 breast cancer patients, who received a total of 56 courses(More)
Pancreatic cancer is the eighth leading cause of cancer death worldwide. Patients with pancreatic cancer are normally diagnosed at an advanced stage and present poor survival rate. Ovatodiolide (OV), a bioactive macrocyclic diterpenoid isolated from Anisomeles indica, showed cytotoxicity effects in pancreatic cancer cells by inhibiting cell proliferation(More)
The increased availability of large-scale trajectory data provides rich information for the study of urban dynamics. For example, New York City Taxi & Limousine Commission regularly releases source/destination information of taxi trips, where 173 million taxi trips released for Year 2013 [1]. Such a big dataset provides us potential new perspectives to(More)
To investigate the effect of caffeine ingestion on the 3-min all-out test (3MT) performance and plasma electrolytes in athletes. Fifteen collegiate male basketball players were recruited and completed two trials separated by at least 1 week in caffeine (CAF, 6 mg kg−1) and placebo conditions. During the first visit, participants performed an incremental(More)