Yu-Hsuan Kuo

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Silicon is the dominant semiconductor for electronics, but there is now a growing need to integrate such components with optoelectronics for telecommunications and computer interconnections. Silicon-based optical modulators have recently been successfully demonstrated; but because the light modulation mechanisms in silicon are relatively weak, long (for(More)
We demonstrate an electroabsorption modulator on a silicon substrate based on the quantum confined Stark effect in strained germanium quantum wells with silicon-germanium barriers. The peak contrast ratio is 7.3 dB at 1457 nm for a 10 V swing, and exceeds 3 dB from 1441 nm to 1461 nm. The novel side-entry structure employs an asymmetric Fabry-Perot(More)
We present observations of quantum confinement and quantum-confined Stark effect (QCSE) electroabsorption in Ge quantum wells with SiGe barriers grown on Si substrates, in good agreement with theoretical calculations. Though Ge is an indirect gap semiconductor, the resulting effects are at least as clear and strong as seen in typical III–V quantum well(More)
The increased availability of large-scale trajectory data provides rich information for the study of urban dynamics. For example, New York City Taxi & Limousine Commission regularly releases source/destination information of taxi trips, where 173 million taxi trips released for Year 2013 [1]. Such a big dataset provides us potential new perspectives to(More)
  • Deshmukh P R, Kolkure V S, +7 authors J Chen
  • 2015
New technological development efficiency of solar cell is increasing everyday and it is becoming cheap also for use in regular day to day production of energy. Along with this government is also providing help and subsidies in set up of new solar power plant. This all things together provide a great new platform for setup and generation of new solar power(More)
Patents are very important intangible assets that protect firm technologies and maintain market competitiveness. Thus, patent evaluation is critical for firm business strategy and innovation management. Currently patent evaluation mostly relies on some meta information of patents, such as number of forward/backward citations and number of claims. In this(More)
We present a vertical Ge quantum well (QW) asymmetric Fabry-Perot modulator design and integration scheme without distributed Bragg reflector (DBR). The field-dependent excitonic absorption and the modulator performance are calculated, showing the wide (20-nm-thick) well design gives a large absorption reduction for the normally-off modulator operation. For(More)
We observe strong electroabsorption in Ge quantum wells with SiGe barriers, grown on Si substrates, with performance comparable to III-V materials, and promising compact, low-power, high-speed modulators compatible with Si CMOS electronics. Optical modulators that can be fabricated in processes compatible with silicon CMOS (complementary(More)
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