Yu-Hsuan Hsu

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Previously synthesized amphiphilic diblock copolymers with pendant dendron moieties have been investigated for their potential use as drug carriers to improve the delivery of an anticancer drug to human breast cancer cells. Diblock copolymer (P71 D3 )-based micelles effectively encapsulate the doxorubicin (DOX) with a high drug-loading capacity (≈95%, 104(More)
A digital light modulation system that utilizes a modified commercial digital micromirror device (DMD) projector, which is equipped with a UV light-emitting diode as a light modulation source, has been developed to spatially direct excited light toward a microwell array device to detect the oxygen consumption rate (OCR) of single cells via phase-based(More)
In Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs), how to extend the lifetime is an important issue. Our research uses Sleeping Scheduling scheme which divides the network into many concentric layers and rotates sensors in different odd and even layers to sleep. By our scheme, we can balance the power consumption among all sensors and reduce power and transmission load of(More)
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