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PURPOSE Generalized absence seizures are characterized by bilateral spike-wave discharges (SWDs), particularly in the frontoparietal cortical region. In WAG/Rij and GAERS rats with absence epilepsy, recent evidence indicates that SWDs arise first from the lateral somatosensory cortex (LSC), that is, the cortical focus theory. To further understand the(More)
In this paper, an 8-channel closed-loop neural-prosthetic SoC is presented for real-time intracranial EEG (iEEG) acquisition, epileptic seizure detection, and adaptive feedback stimulation control. The SoC is composed of 8 energy-efficient analog front-end amplifiers (AFEAs), a 10b delta-modulated SAR ADC (DMSAR ADC), a configurable bio-signal processor(More)
Epilepsy is one of the most common neurological disorders. Around 1% of the world's population is affected, and nearly 25% of the patients cannot be treated by available therapies. Recently, seizure-triggered feedback electrical stimulation has been proved to effectively suppress pathological brain activities [1], but devices with accurate detection and(More)
The contribution of the zona incerta (ZI) of the thalamus on spike-wave discharges (SWDs) was investigated. Chronic recordings of bilateral cortices, bilateral vibrissa muscle, and unilateral ZI were performed in Long-Evans rats to examine the functional role of SWDs. Rhythmic ZI activity appeared at the beginning of SWD and was accompanied by(More)
The zona incerta modulates spontaneous spike-wave discharges in the rat including high resolution figures, can be found at: Updated information and services publishes original articles on the function of the nervous system. It is published 12 times a year Journal of Neurophysiology
The main purpose of the thesis is to discuss the accident models which underlie accident prevention in general and road safety in particular, and the consequences of relying on a particular model have for actual preventive work. The discussion centres on two main topics. The first topic is whether the underlying accident model, or paradigm, of traditional(More)
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