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— This paper proposes a very fast block-matching motion estimation algorithm for video compression. This method uses a new concept involving a very compact center-biased characteristic in developing directional asymmetric search patterns, which we refer to as directional asymmetric search (DAS). The initial pattern of the DAS is a compact cross pattern(More)
In this paper, we propose a novel unsupervised algorithm for the segmentation of salient regions in color images. There are two phases in this algorithm. In the first phase, we use nonparametric density estimation to extract dominant colors in an image, which are then used for the quantization of the image. The label map of the quantized image forms initial(More)
This paper proposes an effective region-based image retrieval technique based on novel salient region segmentation and relevance feedback. With a good and fast segmentation technique, our system achieves an on-the-fly segmentation capability, which enables users to select particular regions for matching and feedbacks without waiting for image segmentation.(More)
In this paper, we proposed a novel fast block-matching algorithm for motion estimation, called prediction-based asymmetric pattern search (PAPS). The initial pattern of the PAPS is a very compact center-biased pattern, which has smallest search points. The PAPS utilizes the block distortions of search patterns to decide the search direction, and then an(More)
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