Yu-Hsien Lin

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This study proposes a new concept, green organisational ambidexterity, that integrates green exploration learning and green exploitation learning simultaneously. Besides, this study argues that the antecedents of green organisational ambidexterity are green shared vision and green absorptive capacity and its consequents are green radical innovation(More)
This study investigates an advanced copper (Cu) chemical displacement technique (CDT) with varying the chemical displacement time for fabricating Cu/SiO2-stacked resistive random-access memory (ReRAM). Compared with other Cu deposition methods, this CDT easily controls the interface of the Cu-insulator, the switching layer thickness, and the immunity of the(More)
In this paper, we demonstrated the shallow NiSiGe Schottky junction on the SiGe P-channel by using low-temperature microwave annealing. The NiSiGe/n-Si Schottky junction was formed for the Si-capped/SiGe multi-layer structure on an n-Si substrate (Si/Si 0.57 Ge 0.43 /Si) through microwave annealing (MWA) ranging from 200 to 470 ˝ C for 150 s in N 2 ambient.(More)
No prior literature explores the influence of green transformational leadership on green performance, thus, this study develops a novel research framework to fill the research gap. This study investigates the influence of green transformational leadership on green performance and discusses the mediation effects of green mindfulness and green self-efficacy(More)
Aluminum oxide (AlO x) and plasma immersion ion implantation (PIII) were studied in relation to passivated silicon heterojunction solar cells. When aluminum oxide (AlO x) was deposited on the surface of a wafer; the electric field near the surface of wafer was enhanced; and the mobility of the carrier was improved; thus reducing carrier traps associated(More)
This paper presents a novel TaN-Al2O3-HfSiOx-SiO2-silicon (TAHOS) nonvolatile memory (NVM) design with dipole engineering at the HfSiOx/SiO2 interface. The threshold voltage shift achieved by using dipole engineering could enable work function adjustment for NVM devices. The dipole layer at the tunnel oxide–charge storage layer interface increases the(More)
This study discusses the influences of green absorptive capacity, green dynamic capacities, and green service innovation on firm performance. In order to fill the research gap, this study proposes the concept of green service innovation. The results are as follows: First, this study finds that green absorptive capacity has positive effects on green dynamic(More)