Yu-Hsien Lee

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A fast-scan method was developed to obtain time-resolved signals with femtosecond resolution over a picosecond range on the fly and in real time. Traditional fast-scan methods collect data at each probe wavelength one by one, which is time consuming and thus not possible for the study of photofragile materials. In this work, we have developed a system that(More)
BACKGROUND Low-dose computed tomography (LDCT) techniques can reduce exposure to radiation. Several previous studies have shown that radiation dose reduction in LDCT does not decrease the diagnostic performance for appendicitis among attending radiologists. But, the LDCT diagnostic performance for acute appendicitis in radiology residents with variable(More)
The use of energy harvesting (EH) nodes as cooperative relays is an emerging solution for enabling green wireless systems. In this paper, we consider multiple EH relay nodes harvesting energy from the radio frequency (RF) signal received from the source and use that harvested energy to forward the source information to the destination. Unlike conventional(More)
A novel light-emitting monomer M1 and its side-chain polymer P1 containing three conjugated aromatic pendants, including one pyridyl terminus, were successfully synthesized via Wittig and Pd-catalyzed Heck coupling reactions. The fluorescence of polymer P1 was efficiently quenched upon addition of different metal ions due to the facile energy transfers from(More)
We report on noniterative spectral phase retrieval of 1.1 nJ, 8 fs pulses at 600 nm by using 300-μm-thick lithium triborate crystals in a standard collinear autocorrelator with ≈2 min data acquisition time. This method is simple, sensitive, and immune to the spectral distortion and UV absorption of the linear and nonlinear optics.
We report on a Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) system with a very high temporal resolution, using femtosecond and picosecond pulse laser excitation of pure aluminum (Al). By using a 140 fs Ti:Sapphire laser in an ultrafast optical Kerr gate (OKG), we demonstrate LIBS sampling with a sub-ps time resolution (0.8 ± 0.08 ps) in a 14 ns window. The(More)
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