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Imperialist Competitive Algorithm (ICA) is a new population-based evolutionary algorithm. It divides its population of solutions into several sub-populations, and then searches for the optimal solution through two operations: assimilation and competition. The assimilation operation moves each non-best solution (called colony) in a sub-population toward the(More)
Numerous clinical anticancer drugs are obtained from natural plants and Hedyotis diffusa Willd (EEHDW) has been used as a major component in Traditional Chinese medicine formulas since a long time. Ethanol extracts of EEHDW have been shown to possess various biological activities including anticancer function in vitro. Our earlier studies have shown that(More)
Language is an enormous barrier to global e-commerce. Internet users favor visiting or shopping on Web sites presented in their native language. This research proposes a shopbot with a multilingual ontology to overcome this language barrier. The shopbot, called WebShopper, collects product data from online vendors over the Web and enables customers to(More)
— Li +-ion batteries are widely used in a variety of products ranging from consumer gadgets such as cell phones and laptops to electric vehicles. Their popularity can be attributed to high energy density and minimal maintenance. Charging these batteries can take anywhere from a few hours for low powered gadgets to many hours for high powered automobiles.(More)
This paper analytically investigates scattering and absorption of a polymer microparticle for laser. Micrometer- and nanometer-sized particles possess characteristic physical and chemical properties different from those of bulk materials. Based on the measurement of radiation pressure exerted on a particle, the absorption analysis of a polymer microparticle(More)
In this study the thermal field is presented for pulse laser processing of nanoscale Au films. Fourier law is inadequate for describing the heat conduction in nanoscale process due to the boundary scattering and the finite relaxation time of heat carriers. In the regime where the particle description of electrons and phonons is valid, the Boltzmann equation(More)