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This paper presents a Concurrent Brightness and Contrast Scaling (CBCS) technique for a cold cathode fluorescent lamp (CCFL) backlit TFT-LCD display. The proposed technique aimsat conserving power by reducing the backlight illumination while retaining the image fidelity through preservation of the image contrast. First, we explain how CCFL works and show(More)
We have investigated the photonic band gap and transmission properties of metallic photonic crystals (PCs) filled with liquid crystal (LC) in the terahertz region by using the finite element method and the finitedifference time-domain method. The calculations on the LC-filled metallic PC and metallic PC waveguide demonstrated that they can realize low-loss(More)
Theoretical studies on liquid crystal filled photonic crystal fiber (LC-PCF) are presented. The effects of electric birefringence of liquid crystal (LC) in the LC-PCF and the transmitting properties of photonic crystal fiber (PCF) are investigated by using the full vector plane wave expansion and beam propagation method. The simulation results show that the(More)
Foxm1, a mammalian Forkhead Box M1 protein, is known as a typical proliferation-associated transcription factor. Here, we find that Foxm1 was essential for maintenance of hematopoietic stem cell (HSC) quiescence and self-renewal capacity in vivo in mice. Reducing expression of FOXM1 also decreased quiescence in human CD34 + HSCs and progenitor cells and its(More)
FHL2, a member of the four and one half LIM domain protein family, is a critical transcriptional modulator. Here, we identify FHL2 as a critical regulator of hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs) that is essential for maintaining HSC self-renewal under regenerative stress. We find that Fhl2 loss has limited effects on hematopoiesis under homeostatic conditions.(More)
Though completely integrable Camassa-Holm (CH) equation and Degasperis-Procesi (DP) equation are cast in the same peakon family, they possess the second-and third-order Lax operators, respectively. From the viewpoint of algebro-geometrical study, this difference lies in hyper-elliptic and non-hyper-elliptic curves. The non-hyper-elliptic curves lead to(More)